Original Art by 6 Local Artists

We recently welcomed another new artist to our walls at C2M.

Sara Becker

A good artist is constantly growin gand changing. My interest at this time has turned toward abstract expressionism. Influenced by the German Expressionists of the early 19th century who used color, shape and movement, I am enjoying the freeing of creativity that non-objective art provides. I can enter a world of exciting color with freedom of unhindered movement and get blissfully lost, as opposed to being bound by the structure of representational painting that requires at leasat some acceptance to the confines of depicting images as they are seen in real life. CUrrentl, I am working on a series of raised relieft type paintings that are, what I am calling, mysterious and unexplored landscapes. In these imaginary landscapes you are free to see what you want to see, or what seems to be hidden, in the layers of color and texture.

Sara's Website

Katie Joselow

I am an acrobat of color, swinging from shape to shape, walking a tight rope of line, responding in the moment to the energy of colors and the spontaneity of line. Like the circus, my works display an array of movement, form and exotic imagery. I use strong gestural marks that move through colorful landscapes.

I am intrigued by the symbols of language, the improvisation of graffiti and street art and the classic, gestural, artwork of Japan and China.
I am a founding member of Color8 Arts, an all women art collective and an active member of the Alexandria Art League, often juried into their monthly shows and a member of the Bin Gallery. In 2014, a piece was selected for the Biennial Ikebana show at The Art League Gallery. I have shown my work at various venues in the DC Area.

Katie Joselow is a D.C. native abstract painter and photographer. She started painting with her mother, artist and art educator Lisa Bohrer. She has explored many mediums including ceramics, silversmithing and photography. Now she focuses most of her time on acrylic abstract painting and photography. She lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband and daughter.

Lisa Bohrer

My painting is born out of a love affair with nature. I strive not to imitate nature, but to capture my innate response to it. My art is a result of a deep need to express the pure sense of wonder, joy, and awe I experience when I am surrounded by the natural world.
I am interested in the effects that color, light and exposure to nature have on establishing a sense of wellbeing. I play with color and light along with organic form as I paint. My goal is to engage the viewer with my use of exuberant color and movement.
I am a long time art teacher, painter, photographer and potter. I have my own clay program, Clay Workshop for children. I am an exhibiting member of The Art League of Alexandria. My pieces have been exhibited at the Art League Gallery, Target Gallery, Foundry Gallery, 868 Vineyard and The Writer’s Center. I grew up in Arlington, VA, and live in Chevy Chase, MD, with my husband Dick. My daughter Katie Joselow is also a painter. We continue to paint together and are both founding members of color8art, a collective of women artists who support each other as they show their work as a group.

Upcoming shows are at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center, Alexandria, VA, June 8th-July 24th, reception July 23rd at 7:00 and at the Glenview Mansion and Gallery, Rockville, MD, Sept. 6th-30th.

Lisa's website

Maureen Ward

Maureen Ward began her art forays in her teens, with pen and ink drawings. She studied oil painting on and off for the last twenty years with Soviet-trained artist Otari Shiuk, and more recently with Yellow Barn artists Walt Bartman, Natasha Karpinskaia, Glen Kessler, and Jordan Bruns. She has also attended classes and workshops with Jack Boul, Maggie Siner, Carolyn Anderson, Carol Rubin and others. A notorious techie, she experimented some years ago with the Corel Draw/Wacom Tablet & Pen system and has been drawing and painting for several years with her iPhone, iPad and apps such as ArtRage, SketchbookPro, Brushes and Zen Brush. She has structured a graduated series of workshops and classes designed to teach the fundamentals of making art on an iPad. As I continue to broaden my range in making images, I have concluded that all means of making art are wonderful (including the iPad). The beauty of our world can be cherished and celebrated in innumerable ways. I will love to show you a small piece of a happenin' digital scene, which Walt Bartman calls ‘the art of the future’.
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John James Anderson

John James Anderson is an interdisciplinary artist who works with vector and raster software, video, painting, and less conventional tools and media.

He earned two BFAs from Iowa State University – one in graphic design and the second in drawing/painting/printmaking – and has over a decade of experience working as a graphic designer. After earning an MFA in painting from American University, Anderson began to teach art in the greater Washington, DC metro area, and has taught at American University, The George Washington University, George Mason University, and The Corcoran College of Art and Design. He is currently an associate professor of art at Prince George's Community College in Largo, MD, just outside of the Capital Beltway.

His work has exhibited throughout the United States, and has been awarded several grants from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanties.


Margaret Newton

Margaret Newton is an artist based in the nation's capital. She is known for her textural paintings and bronzes and has been featured in many galleries across the nation including Washington DC, Atlanta, and Seattle and is now featured at C2M Chiropractic.

Her art is internationally collected. To find out more, please go to the website margaretworld.weebly.com or contact her at margaretworldart@gmail.com.

Terra Gill

Terra was born in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1980. Named after the earth, Terra found solace and inspiration in large green expanses, color and composition, and began drawing and painting trees, landscapes, and animals almost exclusively.

She graduated from Davidson College with a degree in Environmental Anthropology and a number of art courses to her credit. She discovered fine art where few have looked: fascinated by the perfect geometrical design gracing a beetle’s back; inspired by the seamless symmetry of a tree's roots, trunk and widespread branches; and awed by the endless balance and harmony amidst the chaos of a perfect storm. Through the medium of line and color her childhood dream to express the exquisite beauty and complexity of the unseen and unnoticed began to emerge. www.terragill.com