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March 20, 2015
I am writing to highly recommend the chiropractic services of Dr. Charlotte Jensen who has been attending to my back since 2004. I am in my mid-seventies now and without her skills, insights and complementary strengthening exercises I am sure I would have had to stop playing tennis, skiing, exercising, work in the garden, even taking long walks or climbing stairs. I probably would had to have had a back operation.
In 2003 I had been playing a lot of tennis, in the winter skied and at least four or five days a week either walked a couple of miles or followed a 45 minute pattern of exercises to keep in shape. That summer, after a day of mixed doubles up in Maine, I told the group my back was too sore to continue. My hostess, whose sons played lacrosse for the University of Maine, recommended I visit their chiropractor in Portland. I had the usual misapprehensions about this type of therapy (all from here say) but after meeting with the doctor, hearing his analysis, learning that aging backs degenerate and having a few strong pulls and adjustments, I was able to go back to the courts for the remainder of the week.
The following spring, after returning home from a first day of singles, back pains returned. They were so acute I fell to the floor was not able to move. My significant other contacted the chiropractor in Maine, and received the name of a recommended chiropractic practice in D.C. I was immediately transported to the office where an X-ray and evaluation indicated scoliosis (to the right) and that my third lumber vertebra at the apex of the spinal curve was about an eighth of an inch out of line with the other vertebrae. One could also see that the disk below was seriously compressed. Both were pinching nerves. To a layperson the X-ray was startling, alarming. I was sure I was off to the operating table in order to prevent the vertebra from popping out and the disk being crushed.
The staff strongly assured me that they not only could prevent such a misfortune, but could relieve the immediate pain, and with proper longer term treatment, exercise and changes to certain activities, could protect and strengthen my back and achieve a pain-free mobility. They did not think an operation would be needed. Indeed, after some subsequent adjustments, manipulations and stretches, I was able to walk out of the office with careful movements.
I quickly signed up for treatments and shortly thereafter came under the well-trained hands and thoughtful, creative approaches of Dr. Jensen. At first, office appointments were twice a week (Medicare provided partial coverage) and my education began. No strenuous sports or activities were allowed at first, including specific twisting motions (raking, canoeing, snow shoveling, et al) and I was taught how to sit, stand, sleep and get up from the floor and out of bed. Dr. Jensen always listened carefully to my descriptions of recurring pain, soreness and movement problems. At times there was inability to carry out recommended exercises. She would adjust techniques and exercises to relieve pressure and to slowly strengthen the spine. Particularly helpful were her descriptions of how the back works and her corroborating movement of a skeleton of the spine that drove the messages home.
As my back, neck, hips and other parts of the body began working as they should, overall mobility increased, pain disappeared and I returned to tennis, skiing, and longer walks with intermittent runs. The latest X-ray, I am amazed to report, showed the troublesome vertabra back in its correct position on the scoliosis curve and the disk below is no longer distorted.

Because of the curvature I still can have stiffness or low level soreness when other parts of the back move to adjust to that abnormality. So to prevent more distortion I visit Dr. Jensen about once a month. She has continued to add an imaginative variety of exercises that work wonders and I can answer truthfully I don’t have to think about my back when I get out of bed. Of course I still have to practice correct sitting and standing, and do not lift heavy objects, shovel snow or employ other twisting motions. But I do play tennis, not badly, and this past winter joined friends in Snowmass, Colorado, and worked my way up to black diamond, but not double black diamond slopes. Dr. Jensen was skeptical about high level skiing, but I promised her I wouldn’t fall, something an old time racer can promise.
Beyond the skilled work of this chiropractor, her office administration and staff are both welcoming and efficient. My hat is off to this chiropractic practice and I’m thankful that I do not have to have surgery in order to maintain a pain free existence. I send to Dr. Jensen and her staff at C2M Ciropractic many, many thanks.
Sheila Macdonald, Washington, DC

I am an active 77 year old male. I have been a radio and television producer/director/writer for most of my life and remain active in that community. I also teach full time at a community college and maintain a cooking blog. All of this keeps me on my feet much of the time although standing has become increasingly painful. At the age of 77, I have lost almost five inches in height since my thirtieth birthday. MRI’s showed moderate to severe compression in the lower back and scoliosis, with a moderate curve in the upper spine and a more severe curve in the lower spine.

Two years ago my doctor asked me to consider surgery for debilitating back pain. However, my brother still suffers from unsuccessful spine surgery done ten years ago. I went on the Internet and found that there is a high rate of failure in back surgeries. It’s not that the surgeons aren’t good, it’s because it’s difficult and frequently impossible to identify the exact source of the pain.

I consulted with a pain specialist who gave me epidermal shots two weeks apart, but they did nothing to reduce the pain. As part of his program I began physical therapy, but the clinic they recommended was not terribly helpful.

A daughter recommended finding a chiropractor. It was last place I could go. Why not give them a chance, even though I’d always thought of them as quacks?

I looked for an individual doctor rather than a clinic, and I wanted someone with a good amount of experience. I am very fortunate to have selected Dr. Jensen. In six months with her my pack pain has gone away. We began with two sessions a week and then one and at this point I am going every two weeks. My CIGNA health plan covered the entire cost and Dr. Jensen’s office did all the paperwork. Wise investment on CIGN's part. They might have saved the cost of back surgery!

Am I pain free? Not entirely, but most pain is now located in the muscular structure of my buttocks where exercise and self-massage, under a carefully structured program, can deal with it. I am getting stronger and more pain free every day. What makes it all work for me, is Dr Jensen’s diagnostic skills and her thorough explanations of why the physical therapy works.

J. Koch

I was an active athlete during adolescence and after college. However, years of sedentary middle-management jobs unwittingly took its toll on my body. It all came to a head one day when I twisted my back lifting my 2 year-old son out of his car seat. My back did not return to its normal position. Instead, with much pain, it was stuck in the twisted position. I visited my primary care physician, who with the best of intentions, treated my symptoms with anti-inflammation pills.

After a few weeks with no improvement, a relative recommended Dr. Jensen who treated the problem. Dr. Jensen gave me a full evaluation prior to treatment and recommended an exercise and stretching regimen to mitigate the ongoing risk of any recurrence. Since then, I have been a believer of Chiropractic's and faithful 7-year client of Dr. Jensen's -- despite living over an hour away!

Paul L., Mt. Airy, MD

Dr. Jensen is the real deal. Great no nonsense approach, extraordinarily hospitable and amazing service, not to mention feeling wonderful afterwards. Couldn't be happier and will most definately continue to be a long-term client.


In case you are looking for a Chiropractor, I would like to recommend Dr. Charlotte Jensen, a very good and experienced Chiropractor who we have been using to treat my mom's recent back pain problems. My mom had been having a pain in her left leg since last September. The pain got worse over the months and we found that she had a herniated disk. To treat the pain, my mom had three steroid shots, which did not ease the pain. We thought that she would have to have surgery... Luckily and just in time, we got to see Dr. Jensen, who was very thorough in her review of my mom's problems, and very attentive to all the details. Dr. Jensen started treating my mom about three weeks ago and what a difference there has been! When we first saw Dr. Jensen, my mom could not move without pain, she had almost constant cramps in her legs, and pain in her back. It was awful. The first week, when Dr. Jensen started adjusting my mom's problem areas, my mom actually began to walk more freely. She has begun to feel much much better.

We now see Dr. Jensen every other day and my mom has a daily exercise routine to enhance the recovery. She still has a long way to go as the subluxation is putting pressure on her disc and nerve was not treated for a month or two. However, my mom and I are confident that she is on the right track thanks to Dr. Jensen. Words cannot say enough of how lucky we are now that we are in her hands!

Ms. M.B.

I have been going to Dr. Jensen for over two years. I had a difficult pregnancy that created some long-term problems. I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor after a bad experience with one years ago, but after a couple of months of physical therapy and trying on my own I finally decided to give it a try. Dr. Jensen relieved my lower back pain!

When my baby had problems favoring one side with her head, thus creating a flat spot on her head and causing her to not be balanced right when trying to sit up, we took her to physical therapy suggested by her pediatrician and the next step would have been a neuro specialist. I happened to mention it in conversation with Dr. Jensen and she showed me pictures of other children she had treated. After a few visits, my daughter was sitting up, crawling, and leaning to both sides equally!

I am so, so grateful to Dr. Jensen for her gentle care of myself and my daughter. Dr. Jensen has now started her own practice and I truly hope it succeeds. She is a great chiropractor (and a nice, friendly person). I highly recommend her.

Ms. L.M.